In 1910 the cemetery built the Chapel to serve its families. Times change and needs change as well. The once occupied Chapel had remained vacant for the last few years and no longer used.
St. Andrew’s – St. James’ Cemetery had for many years been storing caskets in the Chapel for burial in the spring when the ground thawed. As burial equipment and procedures change most cemeteries are now able to bury all year long.

With the Chapel having no current use, the cemetery investigated the possibility of converting this quaint little chapel into an updated interior columbarium.

Responding to the increasing trend towards cremation, the cemetery saw the need to expand their cremation memorialization options.

Along with local contractor Rumsey Construction, the cemetery refurbished the chapel and installed 238 glass front niches. Various niche sizes allow one to four urns to be inurned.

To enhance the original uniqueness and natural wood details within the existing structure, a wood baseboard and decorative cornice were added, complimentary carpets, chandeliers, greenery and wing back chairs were selected to create the first indoor columbarium room of its kind in the area.

A Life of Memories Columbarium

With added amenities such as heating, air conditioning and a security system, the families we serve will now have a warm, comfortable place to remember a life once lived and loved. The indoor columbarium provides new and attractive alternatives for the cemetery while allowing the community to benefit from an exquisitely restored structure.

Chapel Gallery