Interment Rights

Single grave   $900, $1,000, $1,200 each

Old Sections (when available) $1,400 each

Child Grave $900 each

Cremation Plots $900 each

(Care & Maintenance Included in Price)

Columbarium Niches - Phase 2

Price Packages

(Price includes niche,two openings for cremated remains, niche plate, flower vase & HST)

Starting at $3,051 Bottom Rows-Up to $3,729 Top Rows

Feature Wall $3283

*** Flower Vase is Optional ***

(Care & Maintenance & HST Included in above pricing)

Interment Fees

Winter Service Available

Winter Burial $1,250

Spring to Fall (mid April to mid December)

Grave Opening -Adult $750

Grave Opening - Child No Charge

Cremated Remains Opening

Cremains in a Niche $225

Cremains in a Grave $300

niche plate

Niche Plate $550

niche vase

Niche Vase $300

** Fees are subject to change and do not include HST**

Historical Note

St. Andrew's and St. James' Cemetery was organized in 1873 by the congregations of the Orillia Presbyterian Church (St. Andrew's) and the St. James' Anglican Church for the community. The Cemetery is administered by a Board of Trustees consisting of four members from the Presbyterian congregation and four members from the Anglican congregation.

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